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Plasticos Lavalleja S.R.L, chocolate molds, bonbons molds, figures molds, lollipop molds, tablets molds, Easter eggs molds, interiors for bonbons boxes.
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Erotic Molds

You are about to log into the Erotic Molds category of Plastics Lavalleja SRL in our web site . It is important for you to read with attention its Terms and Conditions.

In virtue of the products and goods offered in the Erotic Molds category it is established that may access and make transactions only those who are more than 18 years old and have legal capacity to contract.

In the Erotic Molds category you will find different products with sexual and obscene content, nudes, pictures and others. If you consider that these products may affect your sensitivity at any point and/or do not fulfill the age requirement, we suggest you to prevent navigating and/or make any transactions in the category.

In virtue of what has been expressed, I declare that:

  1. I am more than 18 years old and have legal capacity to acquire and have erotic material. I declare that I will not allow access to any person younger than 18 years old to the Erotic Molds category, either to the products that may be published in it.
  2. I access to Erotic Molds category by my own personal choice, because I want to access, see and purchase products that may be sold in it. I also declare that I know and accept that I may find obscene material for adults and is not qualified for under aged.
  3. I am exclusively responsible for the products legality I may acquire, and I free Plastics Lavalleja SRL of any responsibility related to these matters.
  4. I don't consider offensive of any right which may concern me, pornographic, erotic, nude images or with sexual connotation which may be found in the Erotic Molds category.

If I become to feel offended by published products or sales, I compromise to log out immediately from Erotic Molds category.


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